HRC + Alex & Chloe Purple “Painted Heart” t-shirt in Recognition of Spirit Day

Following the success of the collaboration with pop sensation Ke$ha, the Human Rights Campaign is proud to offer a Purple Alex & Chloe “Painted Heart” exclusive featuring musician Luiza Sá. The Purple “Painted Heart” t-shirt, in recognition of Spirit Day, is a bold, beautiful statement of support for bullied youth.

On October 19th, please join HRC, Los Angeles-based designers Alex & Chloe and musician Luiza Sá of CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy) by sporting a limited-edition purple “Painted Heart” t-shirt in support of LGBT youth.  Spirit Day, celebrated in October (National Anti-Bullying Month), began as an online statement of solidarity and support for young victims of bullying and harassment.  On Spirit Day, millions of Americans and dozens of cities and national landmarks across the country will go purple to remember those we’ve lost to harassment and bullying but also to renew a commitment to ensuring the safety of all of America’s youth, particularly those at extreme risk- LGBT youth.

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Recently our school has started to go through turmoil. A Chick-Fil-A is being placed on campus in place of our Sbarro’s (this started before the whole political debacle that occured), they’re going to be doing a new poll around campus and even if you don’t go to UNF you can still support our cause to reject the restraunt from being placed on campus. I would love it if you all would take about 5 minutes to sign the petition.Thank you so much in advance if you do.

While personally I don’t care what the political veiws of Chick-Fil-A, they have a right to their views.  I care where the money is going and I don’t want money from my school funding psychological torture for LGBT youth.  ((And we have about 5 chicken places on campus already))

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This doesn’t apply to me yet.  But it might in the future, if I meet someone and want to get married.  

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To answer a question ahead of time, Tom did NOT kill himself.  He fell off of a roof while taking photographs.  
We must fight this fight, and we must win this fight.  We cannot let another this happen to another lover (end-ish of video).  Please raise arms, and educate yourself about the local/national laws that are in your area and take the respective action.

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