In honor of Pride Month.  Show your colors!

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I feel my heart break to see a nation ripped apart by it’s own greatest strength; it’s diversity.
~Melissa Etheridge
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LGBT Laughs: How my mother came out to me. And how I came out to her...


My mom wasn’t exactly the best mom in the whole world. I do have some good memories with her, though few and far between they are. This is one of them.

We were sitting in our living room, hanging out and watching Will and Grace. I was probably 12-13, and I was starting to…

That…. that’s awesome. <3

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Take it easy, one step at a time.
Hi, my name is JP and I’ve been out for 2+ years.  I chose to come out because I was sick of lying to my family, my friends, and myself.  Everyone has there own pace on coming out, I came out pretty fast (compared to some stories).  I’m also in the clique at school where it’s acceptable, and I’m very blessed to have a loving, caring family that loves me… unconditionally.  I’m lending out my hand and ear for people that need help coming to terms with themselves, coming out, or just need to vent.  Message me, please.  It does get better. 
Hell, I’ll leave this option open.  If you want to hear my story, ask me.

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This doesn’t apply to me yet.  But it might in the future, if I meet someone and want to get married.  

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It doesn't end with the vote today. Bigotry and hatred will be abolished with the first step of signing the petition.

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North Carolina. PLEASE!

VOTE AGAINST!!!  Do North Carolina people not realize this? To call Amendment 1 the “Gay Marriage Bill” is misleading. Gay marriage is already illegal in North Carolina. This bill will also effectively eliminate civil unions and domestic partnerships between heterosexual people, including the protections provided by common law marriage statutes. It will affect the rights of heterosexuals in abusive relationships, child custody situations between unmarried parents, insurance rights, etc. I hope that you will give fair coverage to this aspect of the bill, as many people are not aware of it. To tag it as a “Gay marriage” amendment is touching on prejudice and using a hot button issue to sneak through laws that don’t change anything for homosexual relationships, but have far-reaching affects for heterosexuals. Thank you.

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To answer a question ahead of time, Tom did NOT kill himself.  He fell off of a roof while taking photographs.  
We must fight this fight, and we must win this fight.  We cannot let another this happen to another lover (end-ish of video).  Please raise arms, and educate yourself about the local/national laws that are in your area and take the respective action.

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